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18-Year-Old Shoots 2 Intruders with Shotgun After 2nd Break-in

In Baytown Texas the police were not able to arrive in time after an 18-year-old has his house broken into for the 2nd time in just one month.  But this teenager was prepared this time.
After hearing a noise at 5:30am on Wednesday an 18-year-old man grabbed his shotgun and went to investigate the cause of the noise.  Upon seeing 2 intruders who broke down his door in his house he shot both of them in the torso with his shotgun.
One of the suspects was taken to a local hospital where he died.  He was a 40-year-old who had been connected to several other burglaries.  The other suspect managed to escape but was found at a nearby hospital where he was arrested.  He is now in critical condition.

A neighbor told FOX 26 that the 18 year old lives in the home by himself and he was a victim of a home burglary a month ago.  The man’s father told Fox 26 anchor Chris Stipes that he bought him that shotgun 2 weeks ago for protection after the first burglary.

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Apparently these criminals were no strangers to this neighborhood since police reported a burglary in the same area the night before with a vehicle in the neighborhood that matched the suspect’s vehicle.
Police are still investigating the matter but no charges are expected to be brought against the 18-year-old because of the Castle Doctrine in Texas.  This law allows for the use of deadly force to stand your ground in your house, car or place of business.

Program Encourages Parents Not to Let Kids Play in Houses of Gun Owners

A public awareness program coming to Pennsylvania promises that it is not political and promises to only to protect the kids.  But it’s clear it’s main mission is to demonize gun owners while using the children to do it.
The program is called ASK (Asking Saves Kids) and it encourages parents to ask each other about guns in their homes.   The goal is to make sure children are not playing in homes where the parents home guns.  And if that’s not political, then the 2nd amendment is not in the constitution.
Triblive has reported that an advertising campaign will start in Allegheny County on September 16th to kick start the program.   Dan Gross, president of the Center to Prevent Youth Violence in New York,  said, “This is not a polarizing political issue. This is an aspect where we can all be united and keep our kids safe.”
The group is pursuing “gun control” measures by means of a public health stance on guns that tries to turn gun owners into criminals.  Gross emphasized the risk of owning a gun over how a gun can actually be used to save or protect those children.
“A lot of this is about reframing conversations about gun violence every day in our communities.   You’re not a bad person if you want to protect your family and you buy a gun to do it. But we have to have a conversation about the risks,” Gross said.
As further proof that the anti-gun movement is targeting the medical field, the group is aiming to put their advertising posters in pediatrician’s offices.  Apparently owning a gun is a medical issue now and akin to causing your children physical harm.
The article cites a random Brooklyn man named Dennis Murphy who apparently regularly asks parents about guns in their homes saying,
“My kids aren’t allowed in a house until I know there’s no weapons,” Murphy said. “That’s the first thing I ask. It’s very important. "” 
Really?  That’s the first things he asks?  So that if someone does break into the home where his child is playing he knows for certain that nothing will be done to protect his kids and that the intruders will be safe?
As long as people assume that keeping guns away from law abiding citizens will keep everyone safe from criminals they will always also continue to criminalize anyone who happens to own a gun.  God forbid you should teach your child proper gun safety.  The anti-gunners would rather a child has no idea how to operate a gun so that they can harm themselves with it by accident.
The NRA was not available for comment on this ASK program, but a Pennsylvania gun rights group did respond.
Chairman of Firearms Owners Against Crime, Kim Stolfer, said it had serious doubts about the true intentions of this program saying,
“I have learned over 30 years not to trust these types of organizations,” Stolfer said. “They have no experience, knowledge or altruistic purposes.

Former Members of Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns Speak Out


Since it’s inception MAIG (Mayors Against Illegal guns) was a misnomer.  NYC Mayor Michale Bloomberg’s intent was not to get illegal guns off the streets.  His intent was to make every gun illegal and make every gun owner into a criminal.
We have reported on several mayors that have left the organization after being duped into joining.  And after reciting the names of terrorists as victims of gun violence during memorial events, MAIG has lost more than its credibility.  It’s losing members as they realize Bloomberg is really just pushing for limitations of 2nd amendment rights.
The group was also found to have offered a bribe to one member so he would not leave the group.  Needless to say, the mayor left anyway because he actually has principles.

Here is a list of what former members of MAIG have said after leaving.  And yes, we expect this list to grow as more figure out what Bloomberg is really up to.

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“I was never an active member. They’re not just against illegal guns, they’re against all guns.”
-  Mayor Bob Scott, Sioux City, Iowa
“It was a mistake really…They swindle you in and then put your name on the list.”
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-  Mayor Keith Hoffman, East Berlin, Pennsylvania
“I am withdrawing because I believe the MAIG is attempting to erode all gun ownership, not just illegal guns. Additionally, I have learned that the MAIG may be working on issues which conflict with legal gun ownership. It appears the MAIG has misrepresented itself to the Mayors of America and its citizens. This is gun control, not crime prevention.”
-  Former Mayor Patricia Shontz, Madeira Beach, Florida
“I became a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns based on my belief that this group would help in the fight against criminal gun use. After all, who isn’t for making our communities safer by getting illegal guns off the streets and out of the hands of the wrong people? After careful consideration and after listening to the concerns of many of my constituents I have come to the conclusion that some of your organization’s statements and actions can be construed as infringing on the rights of legitimate gun owners. Because of this, I request that you remove my name from your web site and from your membership lists.”
-  Former Mayor Royce Pollard, Vancouver, Washington
“I do think the merit of having legal ownership is important. I don’t think we should ever lose that in this country. If the Mayors Against Illegal Guns is slipping over into that, then it really disturbs me deeply.”
-  Former Mayor Dave Munson, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
“I simply cannot be part of an organization that chooses this course of action instead of cooperatively working with those that have proven over a lifetime of work their true intentions.”
-  Mayor Donnalee Lozeau, Nashua, New Hampshire
“I am withdrawing because you are attempting to erode all gun ownership, not just illegal guns. I have learned that the coalition may be working on issues which conflict with legal gun ownership, and that some actions on your behalf are dubious…Regrettably, it has become continuously clear to me that you are using this coalition of mayors to advance a hidden agenda of bringing lawsuits against members of the firearms industry and spreading anti-gun propaganda.”
-  Former Mayor Marlene Anielski, Walton Hills, Ohio
“Sometime ago, I attended a meeting with many city officials from throughout the United States. At this meeting there was a table with the title “Mayors Against Illegal Guns.” Not wanting illegal guns, I signed the form not knowing what kind of spin would ensue. As it turned out, I was against the 2nd amendment, etc. I have since been removed from the “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” movement. On our city website I have a letter to all stating my position. I’m not against the NRA, guns or hunting and never will be.”
-  Mayor John D. Link, Edgewood, Kentucky
“It is simply unconscionable that this coalition, under your [Michael Bloomberg's] leadership, would call for a repeal of the Shelby/Tiahrt amendment that helps to safeguard criminal investigations and the lives of law enforcement officers, witnesses and others by restricting access to firearms trace data solely to law enforcement. How anyone, least of all a public official, could be willing to sacrifice such a law enforcement lifeline in order to gain an edge in suing an industry they have political differences with is repugnant to me. The fact that your campaign against this protective language consisted of overheated rhetoric, deception and falsehoods is disturbing.”
-   Mayor Harry Moore, Oldmans Township, New Jersey

Chicago Police Superintendent Says Cops Will Shoot Gun Carrying Citizens Because of His Training

Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarthy is not happy about the new concealed carry laws in Illinois.  And now he is predicting that police will shoot citizens who are lawfully carrying firearms.
During an interview with WVON radio McCarthy made some very bold statements that show his disdain for the 2nd amendment.
“You put more guns on the street expect more shootings,” McCarthy said. “I don’t care if they’re licensed legal firearms, people who are not highly trained… putting guns in their hands is a recipe for disaster. So I’ll train our officers that there is a concealed carry law, but when somebody turns with a firearm in their hand the officer does not have an obligation to wait to get shot to return fire and we’re going to have tragedies as a result of that. I’m telling you right up front.”


While every cop has a right to protect himself, this bold statement by McCarthy is obviously meant to intimidate gun owners who choose to exercise their rights.  This threat that cops may mistakenly shoot a gun carrying citizen is just another attempt to fight the concealed carry laws that Illinois has long been deprived of.

McCarthy would not say what specific training officers will undertake if any. However, he did admit that in the past his department has made mistakes in shooting unarmed civilians. He believes the concealed carry law will increase those types of unfortunate incidents.
“You say concealed carry I say Trayvon Martin. Police officers make mistakes all the time,” McCarthy said. “We spend six months in the police academy, six months of field training and ongoing training on a regular basis and the fact is once in a while we’re going to shoot someone with a cellphone; we’re going to shoot somebody with a flashlight and none of that is okay. But now you take John Q. Civilian, you give them six weeks or 10 weeks of training and you say ‘have at it?’ The fact is more guns are not the solution to the firearm gun violence problem in this country. Less guns and reasonable gun laws are. And just because it’s 49 states to one doesn’t mean the state of Illinois is wrong on that one.”
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So McCarthy is slamming  gun carrying citizens for not having the training of a police officer, and yet he predicts that his heavily trained cops will be shooting law abiding gun carrying citizens.  Makes sense?

Perhaps if cops in Chicago worried less about the law abiding citizen’s rights and more about the gangs and criminals that are ignoring gun laws, the windy city would be a safer place.
Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.  This is a gun control haven.  And yet in 2012 there were 2,364 shooting incidents.
While it’s a sad truth that police officers do sometime make mistakes and shoot the wrong person, predicting that his training will result in gun carrying citizens being shot is way over the line.  If you agree feel free to share this post and leave a comment below.
This military expert says you should be hoarding these 37 things now before the coming crisis.  He says stores will empty their shelves in just 2 hours and it will be impossible to get these 37 hings.

Iowa Couple Shoots and Kills Escaped Inmate When Police Could Not Be There in Time


When this elderly couple was taken hostage in their own home by an escaped convict, it was not 911 or the police that came to their rescue.  It was their gun ownership that stopped this madman.  Watch VIDEO at the end of the article from KETV. BEDFORD, Iowa —Law enforcement officers said Tuesday that an Iowa couple shot and killed an escaped inmate after he forced his way into their home. Authorities said Rodney Long forced his way into the couple’s home at 2609 Highland Avenue about 10:15 p.m. and held them for the next four hours. The couple said Long, who’s accused of shooting a deputy in Taylor County late Sunday, was armed with a semi-automatic handgun. He had also taken their cellphones and disabled their landline phones. 


The couple, identified as Jerome and Carolyn Mauderly, ages 71 and 66, decided to defend themselves, authorities said. At a news conference Tuesday, authorities said Carolyn Mauderly called 911 to report her husband had shot Long around 2:11 a.m. An Iowa State Patrol trooper who was on the road nearby responded immediately to the call.  He reported finding Long dead face-down on the kitchen floor of the couple’s home. Authorities said they had searched 16 square miles of the surrounding area in the past several days, including three separate searches of the couple’s property. An autopsy on Long is planned for Wednesday. Authorities said the deputy shot by Long on Sunday, Dan Wychoff, is in stable condition at an Omaha hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.  This military expert says you should be hoarding these 37 things now before the coming crisis.  He says stores will empty their shelves in just 2 hours and it will be impossible to get these 37 things.  

Spike’s Tactical Compressor SBR-300 BLK Review

The Spike’s Tactical Compressor is a factory-produced SBR with sound suppressor—the first whose suppressor requires no maintenance. Weighing just seven pounds and six ounces (suppressor attached), this second-generation Compressor is the most overbuilt AR-type rifle we’ve seen. If NASA ever came together to build an AR, we’re certain this is what it would look like. Let’s go over the details from one end to the other.
Spikes-Tactical-Compressor-SBR-300-BLK_001Billet aluminum has been machined into a matching set of receivers, providing the foundation of what’s to follow on these pages. By choosing 7075-T6 billet, Spike’s Tactical was able to cleanly integrate features into the rifle that were previously aftermarket add-ons.
The Lower
The winter triggerguard and large, flared magazine well are two of those integral features. And if you stop to look closely, you’ll notice three chevrons milled into the front of the mag well. Subtle markings used throughout seem to personify this rifle, in this case suggesting, Feed me, please. Fresh mags go here.

A tough, octagonal-shaped upper not only insulates the lightened bolt carrier group from the environment, but also offers a level of protection to the external controls on each side of the receiver. You see, this rifle is the most ambi-friendly SBR we’ve tested and the raised surfaces have an inherent protective quality (besides enhancing its already aggressive appearance). Take the bolt catch, for example. It’s almost set back into the shape of the upper, and certainly less likely to snag or become activated/deactivated because of what it bumps into. View it not as a preventative measure, but more of a safeguard if you will.
This safety theme extends to the ambidextrous selector, trigger pins, and mag release. A rifle of this quality doesn’t just give you a Mil-Spec safety switch. Spike’s installs a BAD-ASS 90-degree flipper that dovetails its locking side levers and attaches them with Torx hardware. (It’s an acronym for Battle Arms Development-Ambidextrous Safety Selector.)
We can’t remember the last time trigger pins (that weren’t already broken) walked out on us, but Spike’s uses KNS Gen 2 Mod 1 anti-rotational pins to keep the trigger together. Supplied Magpul PMAGs are quickly cleared from the magwell by means of an ambi, low-profile Norgon release.
Though the trigger assembly is Mil-Spec, it doesn’t feel like it. Probably because it’s been nickel boron coated (just one of the self-lubricating coatings Spike’s Tactical applies to these rifles). This coating carries with it natural lubricous qualities that minimize friction and improve trigger pull. Though the trigger engagement surfaces haven’t changed, it feels like a trigger half its weight because the rounded hammer doesn’t drag on the disconnector. An integral reset adjustment screw also helps to improve the Mil-Spec quality of this trigger.
If you have a sharp eye for quality, you’ll notice the absence of play between the upper and lower receivers. There’s a tensioning screw used to fit tight. Inside, the bolt carrier meets resistance to rearward travel upon recoil as it pushes against a black ST-T3 buffer. Spike’s Tactical has championed buffer technology with its use of solid Tungsten weights within the buffer’s billet aluminum body. These buffers are highly effective at smoothing out the sharp impulse from recoil and managing the cyclic rate of the bolt and bolt carrier.
The buffer rides within a micro-polished carbine buffer spring and aluminum buffer tube that’s been treated with Dryfilm lube inside and out. This is a rifle that doesn’t sound like its buffer is scratching against the walls of the tube under your face while you fire. Keeping it all together is a properly torqued castle nut that joins with the receiver and a Magpul ASAP sling plate that’s staked in two locations.
Controlling the Compressor is quite simple for all body types. A stippled Magpul MOE pistol grip and AFG 2 angled foregrip feel like they bite back into your hands. No sweaty palm excuses here. The six-position Magpul CTR stock is the high-end variant of the MOE. It grips the shoulder with its enhanced rubber butt pad, and offers the user two additional QD sling sockets for the supplied Magpul MSD sling. What remains for small parts used in the lower is Mil-Spec hardware like the various pins and springs.

The Upper

Besides the aggressive styling it adds to the shell deflector and the forward-assist housing, the use of billet allows the upper receiver to feature pockets for things like the aforementioned bolt catch. These shapes and pockets also help to reduce weight. T-marked numberings within the notches of the upper receiver rail run continuously to the muzzle end of the forend. At each milled end are flats used for tastefully engraving Spike’s spider logo.
The brilliance of this rifle can only be understood by the sum of its parts. It has nothing to do with someone’s opinion or a marketing gimmick, it’s things like the forward assist that’s retained with a threaded 303 stainless steel pin. No one should ever see it. It’s the ejection port door rod that’s captured with a set screw.
And if you’re not careful, you might miss the fact that the upper receiver is ported to dissipate excess gas and heat during extended strings of fire. Ported upper? Yep. As the bolt reciprocates, air circulates. Contained within the billet upper is a lightweight, ball-dimpled M16 bolt carrier—not semiauto—that’s machined from 8620 tool steel and nickel boron coated.
The holes mean less reciprocating mass and more surface area for heat dissipation; dissipating a little heat here and there all adds up. The cam pin notch is even given a radius to reduce bolt cam pin drag, and the direct impingement carrier key is properly secured by way of Torx hardware and four hydraulic stakes.
The bolt itself is machined from Carpenter 158, then shot peened, high-pressure tested, magnetic particle inspected, and nickel boron coated. The extractor has also been machined from tool steel and incorporates a Mil-Spec extractor spring with black extractor insert and a Viton O-ring. Stainless steel gas rings are given an Ionbond coating, and the Mil-Spec firing pin a hard chrome finish. The bolt cam pin is nickel boron finished, and the firing pin retaining pin is left in phosphate.
Charging the bolt is initiated by pulling the Gen II Bravo Company Gunfighter Mod 4 charging handle. The bolt rotates and unlocks from the barrel extension that features extended M4 feedramps.  The 1:8-inch twist, .300 BLK-chambered barrel is secured to the upper receiver by an externally threaded barrel nut made of titanium and torqued to 65 foot-pounds. This barrel nut sports wrench flats on six sides, allowing the barrel to be removed as an entire assembly without ever having to remove the muzzle device, gas block, gas tube, or heat sink.
Fixed above the 8.1-inch barrel is a novel approach to improving the direct impingement gas system. Using a pistol-length gas system, the Compressor directs gas from the barrel port to a 416 billet stainless steel gas block (that’s straight fluted). The non-adjustable gas block is fixed to the barrel by stainless steel pins, and incorporates a suppressor collar. And don’t forget that the gas block is finished inside and out in Melonite.
The gas block redirects gas into a stainless steel gas tube (that’s also given a Melonite finish). It then channels gas through a Melonited gas tube wrapped in beryllium copper wire that serves as a heat sink. A set of anodized 6061-T6 billet end caps gives the heat sink a clean look and keeps the wire from unwinding.  This heat-sink technology was engineered to help dissipate heat as well as to help prevent the gas tube from bursting during long firing schedules.
FNH-USA supplies the 8.1-inch cold hammer-forged CMV barrel. Spike’s Tactical adds radial fluting to help further dissipate heat and to reduce weight, then finishes the barrel in Melonite before permanently adhering a nickel-boron-coated M4 barrel extension. Triple 416 stainless steel indexing pins prevent the barrel from twisting in the upper receiver when the suppressor is being installed or removed. (Typically, most AR-type platforms use just a single Mil-Spec index pin at the top of the barrel.)
The radially fluted barrel and heavily engineered  gas system is shrouded in a nine-inch Compressor BAR rail made of extruded aluminum and finished with a Type III hardcoat. The cleverly designed free-float rail-mounting interface has radial flutes and seamlessly blends with the upper receiver without compromising rigidity. Round holes at the bottom of the rail help to prevent user contact with the heat shield.
Enlarged angled vents on top of this forend allows for better air flow around the barrel. Protecting the hands from radiating heat are laser-cut stainless shields that are secured to the handguard by twin locking tabs in six locations. We haven’t seen heat shields like these since the days when M16 and M4 Carbine handguards were commonplace.
The upper receiver and forend are precisely joined by three different index notches, twin barrel nut locking screws, twin barrel extension locking screws, and eight BAR rail mounting screws. It’s safe to say that nothing is ripping the forend apart from the upper. In addition to the aforementioned QD sling sockets included with the Magpul CTR stock, the forend offers five forward attachment points: two at the front and rear of each side, and a fifth located toward the muzzle end of the bottom rail.
Picatinny rails are scalloped. Three low-profile polymer ladder rail covers arrive preinstalled on the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock rail sections.
With the suppressor removed, you can view the ST Dynacomp H.V.S. muzzle device just inside the handguard. This machined piece of tool steel serves as an integrated suppressor mount with threads for Spike’s Tactical MRS/LRS suppressors. (It can also be used for the OPS Inc. model 12 suppressors.)
Just like everything else, this muzzlebrake is also finished in Melonite. During installation, it is shimmed for proper orientation, torqued to 20 foot-pounds and pinned to the barrel in two locations. This prevents the muzzle device from coming loose inside of the suppressor.
The Can
The Compressor arrives with Spike’s own MRS suppressor. Machined from 416 billet stainless steel bar stock, it’s ball dimpled to dissipate heat, reduce weight, and to increase structural rigidity. Inside, baffles are machined from billet H13 tool steel, and the entire suppressor is finished in Melonite. Unscrew the dimpled protective cap, and an aggressive striking device is revealed. This feature is machined integrally as part of the suppressor body. It’s threaded to accept multiple end caps and attachments.
With the end cap removed, the supplied Spike’s suppressor combination tool is used to engage wrench flats for torquing the suppressor to the barrel or for removing the suppressor. The two-point mounting system presents minimal point of impact shifts. The suppressor is designed to handle sustained automatic fire from the Compressor’s short barrel.
Our Take
Spike’s has gone above and beyond. Not only do they kick in a set of Troy’s folding battle sights, Magpul PMAGs and a 36-inch soft rifle case with morale patch, our spirits couldn’t be higher after recording sub-MOA accuracy at 100 yards and excellent reliability with all loads. For most of us, the Compressor’s ability to offer sub-MOA five-shot accuracy was unexpected for such a short-barreled carbine with pistol-length gas system.
“But I’ve been telling you all along,” said Tom Beckstrand, Book of the AR-15 contributor. “Barrel length has nothing to do with accuracy at 100 yards. It’s usually things like short sight radius and magnified movement in such a short platform that screws people all up. This just goes to prove I’m right!”
When the rifle is firing subsonic loads, this rifle sounds as though it’s spitting whispers. Supersonic loads are louder (even when suppressed), so we have to recommend hearing protection, particularly in confined spaces.
Though Spike’s Tactical clearly indicates that the Compressor should be operated with its suppressor attached, because a user can remove it we agreed to test velocities, reliability and accuracy without it attached. When unsuppressed, we observed only one failure-to-feed malfunction with Hornady’s 208-grain subsonic load fed through a non-standard aluminum magazine. It was cleared and, after further analysis, we felt as though it would not have occurred if we had used the supplied PMAGs. Only a half downward shift in point of impact without the suppressor was observed, but no change in accuracy. We all wanted to keep this one.
Getting your hands on a Spike’s Tactical Compressor is not a next-day occurrence. Though they can build between 250 and 500 rifles per day, the Compressor is a Class 3 factory SBR with a Class 3 sound suppressor meaning that this rifle requires the filing of two Form 4s in order to take delivery from an FFL (albeit where civilian ownership of suppressors and SBRs are locally permitted). The cost of the necessary tax stamps is not included in the $2,600 price tag.
If you once saved nearly $3K for a SCAR, there’s no reason you can’t do it again. In fact, this is one of those circumstances where you might want to consider *choke* selling a gun or two in order to afford this one. If money and the legal speed bumps to owning both an SBR and a suppressor are not your concern, then this is truly the only Blackout rifle you’ll ever need.

[Video] Gun Control Rally is Overwhelmed by Pro Gun Supporters Who Take Over Podium

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You know, we keep hearing about how 90% of the country supports expanded background checks, and a majority support new gun control.

However, whenever it comes to actually taking action, those alleged supporters are nowhere to be found. Often, participants at anti-gun rallies are outnumbered by organizers and the media.

A rally in support of expanded background checks in Ohio late this week was no exception.

Anti-gun speakers and protestors, who numbered only a handful, where quickly overwhelmed by NRA and Buckeye Firearms Association supporters in Columbus.

" "

“As a gun owner, I’m a responsible person and I think it’s responsible to ask to have all gun owners have a background check,” said Blanche Luczyk [event organizer]. “It’s just common sense. Any responsible person who is willing to take the ownership of a gun should be willing to have that background check.”

Luczyk’s message was quickly drowned out by chants from the pro-gun crowd and she eventually gave up the floor to a pro-gun speaker.

Also according to 10TV,

“There’s no reason for Mayors Against Illegal Guns to be in Ohio,” said Linda Walker of the Buckeye Firearms Foundation. “Ohioans stand up for our constitutional rights and that’s the way it’s going to be.”

After Luczyk addressed the crowd to some jeers and boos, Walker, with the crowd on her side, replaced her as a speaker.

“People are fired up, people are concerned,” said Walker. “It’s overwhelming this many people show up on a Friday afternoon because our constitutional rights are that important.”

If 90% of the country is so passionate about gun control – where the heck are they? Oh, could it be that those numbers are highly inflated?


First Look: Alexander Arms Ulfberht .338 Lapua Magnum

Bill Alexander, founder and chief product designer of Alexander Arms, gave us a first look at the Alexander Arms Ulfberht .338 Lapua Magnum. This gas piston-driven semi-automatic was designed to provide shooters with long range precision with minimal signature in a portable platform. The Ulfberht (Viking Sword) features a 10-round, double-stack magazine and ambidextrous mag releases; the mags are also designed to eject without having to lift the rifle.
The Ulfberht also features a long-stroke mechanism that prevents the bolt from slamming into the back of the rifle, reducing recoil and eliminating the need for a muzzle brake. Alexander Arms is expecting to begin taking orders for the Ulfberht during the first quarter of 2014, and should retail for about $6,800. Check out the video straight from the range.