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ATI Strikeforce Stock for Saiga Shotguns

ATI’s Strikeforce Stocks allow a AR-15 stock and pistol grip fitted to Saiga shotguns without permentant modifications. The Saiga guns come from the factory with a hunting-style butt-stock and the trigger moved right back to the rear of the receiver, preventing a standard AK pistol grip from being installed without modifying the receiver (this is in order to claim that the Saiga is a sporting-only gun, not an AK with a hunting butt-stock).
video interesting

Kriss Vector Airsoft vs. “Real Steel”

Dom took these photos at IWA ’12 of a real KRISS Vector and a the official KRISS Vector airsoft gun. The detail on the airsoft version is incredible.

MD Arms Double Stack Saiga Magazine Patent

The USTPO has just published a patent application by the owner of MD Arms. The patent describes a double stack magazine for a shotgun. MD Arms is best known for their MD-20 Saiga Shotgun Drum, so it is no big leap in logic to assume MD plan on producing a double stack magazine for the Saiga shotgun.
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Feeding rimmed cartridges reliability is no easy feat. There is good reason why so many rimfire magazines fail to feed reliably and why most shotguns have tube magazines. Is the rims of the rounds are not correctly aligned jams or misfeeds will occur. The MD concept allows the rounds to move forward or backwards inside the magazine, but as the lead round is being pushed towards the follower, channels in the side of the magazine guide the round’s rim so that the lead round is always position correctly for feeding.
I am sure many Saiga fans are going to be overjoyed to know that a double stack magazine for the Saiga is in the works!
MD Arm’s MD-20 Drum Magazine

Ruger 10/22 Takedown

I am ecstatic! I can barley contain myself from hitting “Post” and sharing the great news! Ruger is now producing a Takedown version of my favorite gun or all time, the Ruger 10/22. The barrel is removed just forward of the “V Block”. The forend of the two piece stock is attached to the barrel. It ships with a backpack designed to hold the rifle.

Shooting around corners with tactical mirrors

A comment by a reader on a recent blog post brought my attention to picatinny rail-mountable mirrors that allow the user to shoot around corners without exposing themselves. These mirror kits work with 1x scopes such as EOTechs and Aimpoints.
Diamondhead Versa-View Tactical Mirror Kit
X-Caliber Tactical Shieldshot Mirror Sight
Have any of you tried these mirror sights?

Modern Ammo Pouches for the M1 Garand

Kit Up has reviewed a modern mole-compatible ammo pouch designed to hold M1 Garand en-bloc clips.
Matthew Cox writes …
Olongapo Outfitters makes some of the best quality, M1 Garand clip pouches I’ve ever seen. That’s right. Gear for the Garand! If you’ve never looked down the sights of John C. Garand’s masterpiece, you’re missing out. I’ll never trade my M1, but I have never cared for Army surplus cartridge belts.
Olongapo’s clip pouches are made from 1000d Cordura and come in MultiCam, OD Green, Khaki, and Coyote Brown. They are available in two-clip and four-clip sections and come with Malice clips or ALICE clips. These pouches close with mil-spec snaps and feature pull tabs on the flaps for speed.

Hitch-mounted Shooting Bench

Brian, a reader of the blog, started up a business with his father and brother to make and sell a nifty hitch-mounted two-person shooting bench.
Brian says …
First off, we’re a start-up business. The team consists of myself, my dad, and my brother. I’m a mechanical engineer and I did the design work, while my dad and brother guided the design process with their experience (my brother is the gun nut). The three of us also fabricate everything ourselves in the shop of a barn here in North Idaho. If this ever takes off beyond our capabilities, we’ll look into outsourcing, but for now it’s all us from picking up steel to painting and packaging.
I’ve attached a few photos to show the various mounting options and the bench in use. Basically, you can hook up the bench (fully assembled and ready to use) to your vehicle in a vertical position so it won’t hit the ground or extend past the 3-ft legal limit beyond the rear bumper. When you arrive at your shooting location, you pull one pin and move the bench to the horizontal position. You then drop the stabilizers, maybe adjust your table height if needed, and you’re ready to shoot. The tailgate on a pickup also serves as a handy table to stage ammo, clips, guns, etc. If you don’t want the bench mounted to a vehicle (or if you don’t have a 2″ receiver), you can set the bench directly on the ground using the same parts that attach it to the vehicle. Overall, it’s a fairly versatile system that just about anybody could use.
The bench is aimed at the average recreational shooter. I live out in the boonies, so a lot of people in this type of area don’t go to “real” shooting ranges. This is why we came up with the bench — easy to transport, no hassle setting up, holds two people, and works. Users can adjust table height (accommodates sitting or standing positions) and the seats move in all three directions so you can find the perfect setup. Two shooters can use the bench at the same time, and we include a shell deflector to prevent hitting your buddy with hot brass.
Construction of the bench is all steel tubing. The tables, seats, shell deflectors, and accessory boxes are made of wood, and we offer two different benches — the standard and deluxe. The metal and hardware on both benches are identical. The wood on the standard bench is 7/16″ painted OSB — works just fine for those who don’t want to spend extra on the appearance. The deluxe bench uses 3/4″ stained birch plywood — a little sturdier, and a whole lot nicer looking. We’re working on developing various accessory components and other “special use” benches, but they haven’t been released for sale yet.

They are selling the standard bench for $389 and the deluxe model for $489.


After the appearance of the TAVAR at SHOT Show, there has been much speculation as to who will bring the Tavor to the USA and how much it will cost. A post at suggests that IWI is manufacturing the receiver in the USA and importing parts kits from Israel.
Photo © Stickman
The US semi-auto Tavor will be manufactured in the US by IWI. Charles Daly and Trans World Arms will not have anything to do with the manufacturing of this firearm.
It will be made from Israeli imported parts and US sourced parts in full compliance with 922(r).
The semi-auto construction and engineering has been approved by BATF&E.
The Tavor accepts AR-15/M-16 mags, including PMags. Which mag will actually be supplied with the Tavor has yet to be decided.
The sample shown at SHOT, with a 16″ barrel (cold hammer forged, 1:7 twist, chrome lined) and full length Picatinny top rail, is only one configuration that is contemplated. (Actual production of this model will have a 16.5″ barrel in order to meet the US minimum 26″ OAL.) Other models could include a 18″ version with or without the Mepro 21 reflex sight; perhaps to become the “IDF” model.) The number of models to be offered has not been finalized.
Initial deliveries are projected to be on the market by the end of October, hopefully sooner.
The projected MSRP (for models without optics) will hopefully stay under $2k.
My prediction is a MSRP of $1,999.95. With optics and accessories probably $2,600.
I did not see the model pictured above that was at SHOT Show. It was unfortunately nowhere to be found when I went to visit the CD Booth. The receiver design is quite different from the Tavor models IWI lists on their website. This version features a long full length top picatinny rail, not just a short forward rail. The iron sights are a nice addition.
I fear that this is a bad time to bring a new, expensive and non-AR-15 gun to market. There is going to be a big gun buy up pre and post-election. After that, maybe 2nd quarter 2013, there is bound to be a slump. If they start production in late 2012, or early 2013, by the time they have everything running smoothly, they will be right at the start of the post-election sales downturn. I hope this gun does not suffer the same fate as the Steyr AUG.

Glock G17 G19, G21, G22 & G23 Gen4 Flat Dark Earth

Glock Gen4 pistols are finally available in Flat Dark Earth. Lipseys is now distributing Glock Gen4 G17, G19, G21, G22 and G23 models with a Flat Dark Earth frame.

I am holding out for for OD Green.

IWI Firearm Photos

IWI sent me a batch of their latest marketing promotion photos. I would not resist sharing them with you.
X95 Assault Rifle / Carbine / SMG
Jericho pistol
NEGEV LMG 5.56mm
TAVOR GTAR 21 Assault Rifle 5.56mm with Grenade Launcher